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  • Spell Checked on Jan. 15, 2014

    I really loved this book. I felt like I really knew all the characters,and I loved them all.I got lost in the story, and loved it.This isn't your typical Vampires, Witches, and Extraterrestrials! I can't wait for the next book.
  • Erased on Oct. 12, 2014
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    I contacted the Author Margaret Chatwin about this book, and she gave me a copy in exchange for a review. Ryan was speeding and busted through the guard rail, sailed out over the ravine and landed at the bottom in a barely recognizable crumpled mess. He was not wearing his seat belt. A botched suicide attempt is what they tell Ryan, but he doesn't remember a thing. Ryan wakes up with no memories about his life and a badly broken body. He can recall everything else that has happened all these years, just nothing about his own life. One hundred and three days excruciating days is how long Ryan was in the hospital. The man and woman that have been at his side are his parents Wendy and Craig Farnsworth, they are taking him home to the huge house that they live in. Ryan has a terrible limp, and has to be carried up steps by his father. His life is very humble now. We meet Lucas the younger brother Ryan has seen once at the hospital and in family pictures. You get a very distinct picture of the nasty home life Lucas has, a verbal and sometimes physical abusive one. One that stars Ryan as a monster towards everyone especially Lucas .Ryan was an entitled rich kid and the captain of the football team and king of his school. There is a home coming party for Ryan, and we meet Zane his once best friend. It is a funny meeting!!!Ryan is very overwhelmed by being thrown into a party with so many people and freaks out and leaves and gets lost. He meets Paige someone that doesn't know him because she is new in town. She is the one person he feels comfortable around because she is the only person that isn't waiting for him to became himself again. Page likes Ryan for the wonderful person he has become. There is also Tasha the head cheerleader and most beautiful girl in town. She is very pushy and aggressive with Ryan,she wants her fearless and entitled Ryan back. Tasha is the first memory Ryan has and this complicates his feelings very much! I really enjoyed this book! I was worried about how Ryan was going to react when he found out the kind of monster he was. I wondered if Lucas was going to hurt Ryan like when he use to beat him? Was it a suicide attempt or was it a murder attempt? I swore Zane (The Best friend that took over Ryan's life while he was in the hospital) tried to kill Ryan. You will have to read the book to find these things out. I really like the new Ryan and I was routing for him! I wanted him to retain the wonderful person he has turned into. It is so easy to get lost in the characters in this book, and to wonder who should Ryan really trust? You swear I will only read a few more pages then off to bed or the real world!! Alas you find it was more like a few more chapters! Margaret Chatwin is a wonderful author, and she had me fooled at the end of the book about who Ryan would end up with and I loved every moment of it! There are a lot of secrets that come out and a lot of excitement! We do find out what sent Ryan over the edge that night and it hurts!! We see what a terrible dark place he was in before he took off that night that everything changed. This is a wonderful book ,I laughed a lot and cried many times! The end really touched me and I cried for a while after I finished! I highly recommend this book!!!