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Christina Harding is a pseudonym. She is a guest blogger for Romance at Random of Random House and the author of UNDERNEATH THE GARGOYLE, a paranormal erotic series. She also blogs at and tweets @tinaerotica. Christina is happily married and enjoys reading sexy stories with her husband.

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Smashwords book reviews by Christina Harding

  • A Feather's Kiss (La Plus Délicate de Tortures) on April 21, 2014

    Burke is a master of writing detail. She does not gloss over any part. Yet, she does so in such a way to bring you into her stories. Speaking of which, I am impressed with the variety of circumstances she has imagined for her various protagonists. Burke structures her stories such that her characters unwittingly get themselves into precarious circumstances, and then people take advantage of them. However, within this structure, she has come up with a large variety such that no two stories are alike. Additionally, Burke spends a decent amount of time creating her settings and her characters before delving into her sex scenes, adding an additional layer of interest in her stories that I don't see in much erotica. Given that these short stories revolve around foot fetishes, if you're someone who is not into feet, then this book would probably not be for you. But if you're curious to learn more about this fetish, then this would be an excellent source! Also, if you find feet erotic to any degree, then you will find this an arousing read!
  • Crawling to Paris on May 22, 2014

    I love the title of this erotica for it perfectly encapsulates the story. Paris has a plan, which only truly becomes clear to the reader right at the end. While I'm not usually the biggest fan of angry sex, Eames still managed to create an enticing scene that turned me on. I think what I found attractive about this writing was the dominance of the female character - a theme I don't see terribly often in erotica.
  • A Cruel Lesson on June 16, 2014

    Tara has done it once again with A Cruel Lesson - providing me with the unexpected! In hindsight, the path this segment of the trilogy took made perfect sense, but I did not see it coming. Tara clearly loves to keep her stories full of surprise, keeping her readers engaged and wanting to know more. I find that often times the second book in a trilogy largely acts as a bridge between the first and last books. However, I would say that A Cruel Lesson does not fall into this trap. It is a solid story on its own, and has left me very intrigued to find out how Tara is going to wrap up her series.
  • Triangulum Stain -- Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos on July 30, 2014

    This erotica has a good sense of humor, enhanced by Moctezuma's rugged writing style! We all know that men have two heads - one above the waist and one below the waist. What would happen if the head below the waist did all of the thinking? Or if the one above the waist was irrelevant? During Triangulum Stain we get to find out! This may be just about one of the only times when a man will cower from a horny woman. Moctezuma gives his readers a full view of the alien attack by weaving multiple story lines together. He also varies up this short by providing his readers with important information via a couple of different formats. Additionally, I could see Moctezuma's talent with poetry shine through due to the graceful pros within this book. With all this being said, this is simply a well-written, humorous erotic story, intended for our entertainment!