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Adrianna Letts writes contemporary romance novels and series. She lives in Vancouver and works during the day in communications. She started writing her first romance in fall of 2018, and has just released CLOSE TO YOU. Her next book, DARK HEART comes out this spring.

Adrianna enjoys outdoor activities like kayaking and rock climbing, and indoor activities like reading and destroying her friends at board games. She is unstoppable at Pictionary. Because she lives in a tiny apartment, she shares custody of her two dogs with her parents. Luckily, it has stayed quite civil.

Smashwords Interview

1) How would you describe your book, it’s genre?
I call my book Contemporary Romance (18+). I wasn’t sure about going into this steamier territory, and started off trying to write a book that went “fade to black. . . “ when the action started; but this particular story couldn’t be told without very intimate scenes. It’s tricky to be truthful about the experience without using either a lot of fluffy euphemisms or pretty coarse “straight-up” talk. It made me realize we don’t have a great vocabulary for discussing sex.
2) How long have you been writing? How long did it take to write your book?
This is my first Contemporary Romance. It has take me about two and a half months to write, though there was a fair bit of thinking about it before I ever sat down at the computer.
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