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Christina Siew, descending from an Asian heritage, lives in a sunny little island called Singapore. With big dreams in a small city she calls home, she can be found dancing in tandem with the world yet careful enough to skirt around the tenterhooks of its fragile lines.

She's a little predictable, yet a little whimsical. Reflective in her own world, she sometimes lives by her own rules. But as she emerged from her shell, she has this simple wish to inspire and bless whoever she comes across; be it people she meets or readers of her book.

In 2009, Christina left her finance job after 3 years and took off for a soul-searching adventure. Her quest brought her travelling by herself across the globe from Singapore to Mexico. A time away from her familiar surroundings and people she loves, she shut away the surrounding noises and began to find herself in this quirky cosmos; rooting into her self-identity as she became more in touch with her inner being.

Subsequently, her fanciful writings during her full time job, along with her meditations of life, crystallised into being. Fired by her inner calling to inspire and mentor young girls seemingly lost in this world, she took on the challenge to share what she had learned over the years by penning down thoughts, feelings, observations and personal experience that are now immortalised in her book, "Love, Pinkie".

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