Christopher Flynn


Born in Cork, Ireland and raised in London and Essex, I moved to Athens over 17 years ago, where I was told I could teach twenty hours a week and spend the rest of the time writing. While it hasn't been as idyllic as that, it has definitely made me the writer I am today - as well as giving me a city to call home. I love writing, and have written in almost every form: in songs as the singer in a band; in poems, to catch that fleeting thought or feeling; in stories, in novels and in screenplays. Less effective has been my promotion of myself, but the internet has given an opportunity, and I intend to use it. I want to be read, most of all, and to share something with that anonymous reader; just as I, as an anonymous reader, was touched, across seas and centuries, by the words of strangers I would have loved to have known.


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