Christy Davis


Hi. My children’s books are fiction, mystery, adventure, fun and excitement. They're thrilling, chilling, scary, spooky and funny. They're about treasure hunts, pirates, caves, mountain men, monsters, scary monsters, possessed houses, good ghosts, bad ghosts, girls, boys, dogs, cats, rats, bats, agents, secret agents, spies, kid reporters, good guys, bad guys, graveyards, cave boys, dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers, notes in bottles, haunted mansions, secret passageways, stormy nights and action packed days. The kids find themselves jumping, running, being chased, running, hiding, falling, (a lot of screaming and running,) setting booby traps, spying on people, inventing things, reporting and writing stories, investigating, problem solving, and solving mysteries. They learn how to depend on each other. They attend funerals and weddings, blow up science labs, sword fight with pirates, build rafts, swim, dive off yard arms, capture ghosts, solve old mysteries, create fire and weapons, fish, play chess and still manage to stay alive so I can bring them all back again for part 2. I am currently updating all of my books.


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