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  • Buffalo Soldiers on Feb. 19, 2014

    I was so happy to come across this author, Buffalo Soldiers is in the genre of days gone by, forties feel, thriller, black and white, smoky atmosphere. It is totally riveting and will draw you in from the beginning, you will feel part of the story, trying to solve the mysteries as they occur, I completely and whole heartedly recommend this story, it's vintage with a twist of neuvo!
  • For Nothing on Feb. 19, 2014

    I have read a lot of crime stories and undercover tales, but I think it's safe to say that this is my first Mafia Crime Thriller book. A long time ago, I would have steered clear of this type of book, although I did watch a couple of The Sopranos episodes before. Upon reading For Nothing, however, my perception of mafia related genre has changed. I am now actually a fan of this Mafia tale! The story kicked off with Jack Benton getting shot at by a hired assassin. His friend, Alex Vaughn saw his sprawled body a minute too late. He vowed that he would avenge his friend's death and soon he went on an undercover mission. But he didn't know that he would be facing up and dealing with two of the most ruthless organized family crime syndicates in upstate New York. I have never read a crime novel beautifully written with its gory details and gritty characters, with every scene craftily described and depicted. The characters, Alex Vaughn and Rafael Rontego were equally interesting and dynamic in their own rights. I actually found myself liking the villain, Rafael and even wanted him to be spared from the crime. I do't know, but there's something about him that made me root for him even if he was at the wrong. The twist at the end of the story was something I wasn't expecting at all. The twist blew me away! Truth is, I have been captivated by Nicolas Denmon's writing prowess. He knows how to tickle his readers' imagination from the first chapter up to the last. He kept me reading until the end. Now, he makes me want to read the sequel. Of course, I will read the next book on the series. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie would have been so proud had they had the chance to read this stellar masterpiece. The author Nicholas Denmon and the main character Alex Vaughn deserve my 5 star rating! One of my favorite lines from the book: That was all life really was, anyway. A series of moments that drifted on too fast; so fast that one could scarce enjoy them before they searched for the next.