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  • With Proud Humility on Dec. 07, 2010

    I must admit, I've not read much romance, but this isn't really a romance. It has a romance, and its quite important, but there's way too much adventure for a typical period romance. Or at least in my opinion there is. But let me assure you this is no bad thing. The author has a talent for balancing the romance and the adventure, so that it will appeal to fans of either genre. The story is an awesome one, and one that will have you hooked. I was and would say its the first un-put-downable ebook I've bought from this site. That I could read it on my phone meant that there was no situation where I couldn't read it, so I missed no opportunity. And by the end, I just wanted more! I would describe it as like Pirates of the caribbean, but with the addition of historical accuracy, a convincing and interesting romance and unfortunately, without Johnny Depp. Thats about the only thing I would say this missed, a Jack Sparrow, but then I'd have to give it 6 stars!