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C. Michael Hubbard is an author who may or mayn't have been a centaur in a previous life. He was born in the Southwest and raised all over America and Germany. Although, he considers Seattle his home and the Northwest as God's gift; he currently resides in eastern Wisconsin with his son. And when he's not writing or doing something stupid, then he's probably working.

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Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 97,720. Language: English. Published: February 26, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
A supernatuaral thriller traveling over a week, and through the macabre setting of an obscure Celtic Holiday. An armored car heist goes wrong. A serial killer haunts the woods. A young teenager has life ripped from his grasp. A criminal loses his life of crime. War has been called on the waves of change. What happens when life gives up on you? Change has come, and she is cruel.

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  • Tribute (Children of the Sidhe, #1) on March 19, 2012
    (no rating)
    Simply put, it’s a deliciously saucy ride through an Irish Fairy tale! Hazel Finton, daughter to the Irish God of Love, Aegnus, tries her best to stay away from and out of her father’s world of Tir Nan Og. As these things usually go, she not only finds herself drawn into a possible oncoming war, which she may have helped start, but also falling in love with Ian Macllroy, the new God of the Forest. Together they must enlist the aid of her father to find a new Tribute to appease the Fomorii. The novel? novella? is quite enjoyable, nice pacing, clear prose, and did I say racy? A nice new erotic take on Irish mythos. My only complaint is that while it did move quickly, J.R. could have taken some time to fill the mythos out. Very little time is given to the history of the Sidhe or the Fomorii or why they have such a tiff. And while she did flesh out Hazel and Ian’s relationship nicely and playfully (and erotically), not enough time was given to the rest of their motivations or personality. She gives such a brief introduction to each character that you don’t feel you got to know them. I also feel she could have taken us on a more in depth tour of the Otherworld. Lots of fun things to see there, and introduced us to more then generalizations of the Fae that inhabit the Otherworld. That's just my take, but in conclusion, yes I liked Tribute, I really did. Thank you for sharing J.R.. I hope to see more of the Otherworld and its inhabitants in the following novels.
  • Vessel (Children of the Sidhe, #2) on March 26, 2012

    Part two in her Sidhe series, an erotic Celtic fantasy. This time we follow womanizing Sidhe Authority, Eddie Blake, and human witch, Alise Rodgers, as they unwittingly uncover a malicious plot to bring war back to the Sidhe. It seems some of the true blooded Sidhe have a problem now that Hazel, Alise's best friend, and half-Sidhe, is queen. With her crowning, the Council talks of bringing more half-breeds into Otherworld, tainting the true line. Yes once again, war is brewing, and it has awakened the Lady Morrigan, Goddes of war. Another quick paced novella (taking time out for steamy eroticness of course) that carries you to the end and leaves you wanting more. J.R.'s story telling ability has eclipsed what she did with the first novella, Tribute, and promises to take us even deeper into Tir Nan Og. I can't wait. Her main characters, Eddie and Alise, feel fuller in this book, more realistic. I still wish she were more descriptive about the Otherworld and give us more past history, but that's just me. This is a very streamlined novella that I did enjoy, and am looking forward to the next novel in the Sidhe series. Bravo J.R., please don't keep me waiting to long.
  • Secrets of the Wolf on April 08, 2012

    Once again we find a rich benefactor asking to find something important that has mysteriously gone missing. He hires our down on her luck private eye. Secrets are kept. Secrets are discovered. Mayhem ensues. Once again a common theme, and once again I was entertained to rediscover it. I will say that I thought I had it all figured out and was thrown for a loop. Surprise. Good job Laura Lynn. I have enjoyed the first two books, and look forward to Libby’s growth in the last book. In this novel we see her struggle against unnatural love for a vampire (only to be drawn to a werewolf, and fight against her morals). We see her stubbornness get her in dire trouble. And we watch as she accepts the unthinkable only to be refuted by her values and suspicion. And I dearly love that Libby doesn’t fall head over heels for the handsome vampire, but makes him work for it. Bravo Laura, thank you for changing the norm. Yes I’ve said this about every self-published novel I’ve read: more back story, fill out the history, explain why I should care, and give me a reason to love or hate your characters. They still felt cosmetic to the idea instead of giving inertia to the plot. Still I didn’t put the novel down, and I look forward to the last novel in the trilogy. Yes Laura Lynn you have me hooked please let it be catch and release.
  • Search for the Vampires' Curse on April 16, 2012

    Imaginative amusement. From the bayous of Louisiana to the rainforest of Brazil Libby and company track down the vile Fiona and her vampire hunting friends in a frightful search for the Dark Relic, a beautiful bejeweled cross with the power to kill vampires. New friends are made, enemies are found, and a battle for Vampires’ very existence ensues. Of course, there’s also a little matter of Adam and Libby’s relationship or lack of one. Being the third and final book, questions are answered and closure is delivered. I must say the ride was wonderful. I liked the pace, the friction, and the pay out. We get to meet some new friends, visit with old ones, and travel to exotic locations. As a matter of fact the only criticism I can offer is, I wish she shared more of those exotic places (and I always want things to be longer). She gave me what I needed and I saw her vision nicely. And now like when done with any series, I’m left wondering what do I read now? I’ll miss the friends I made reading this series. Thank you for the entertainment Laura Lynn.