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Chuck’s young nephew Watt A. writes: “I interviewed my uncle, Chuck L. Kidder, for an article in my elementary school newspaper. He liked it so much, he is letting my write this bio for his web site. My Uncle Chuck says since he was a kid, reading great books, especially funny ones, has been one of the greatest joys of his life. Sometimes he likes it better than mint chocolate chip ice cream with blueberries, skateboarding, and cowboy movies. He likes writing stories, too. Ones about rude things and crazy adventures that make us both laugh a lot. Yeah, I like to laugh, too, and I like to laugh with friends. My Great Aunt Ethel is a very old-fashioned lady (Uncle Chuck says she is prim and proper). She forced Uncle Chuck and my older cousins to come to tea with her every Friday when they were twelve years old until they were sixteen to make sure they all learned good manners. Uncle Chuck and I know he has written a really good story when Auntie Ethel hates it. We’re even more sure it’s good when Ben the letter carrier laughs so hard he forgets to leave the mail. Uncle Chuck says, ‘Those are the stories worth sharing with family, friends and strangers.’ Sometimes while writing, he imagines he hears readers laughing. He says, ‘People ask me where I get my ideas, and then get angry when I can’t answer. I don’t get them from anywhere. They just come to me out of the air at weird times, like when I’m at the dentist, or swimming the English Channel, or eating popcorn while I’m watching science programs on TV.’ Grandma Ima told me the oddest things made Uncle Chuck laugh when he was a kid, and I guess they still do. I think I’m a lot like him, and my mom is very proud of me for writing this, but maybe we better not let Auntie Ethel see it.”

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