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  • Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight on Sep. 16, 2012

    Received as a gifted copy in exchange for review This story is full of mystery, action, and teeenage crushes. The story is similar to Harry Potter. The characters are diverse in personality and traits. The story takes us through the life of Danny, a teenager that finds himself with a new power during a brawl with the school's bully. Once this power is revealed there is no hiding from it. Enemies and allies seem to appear out of nowhere and a new reality invades Danny's life. Elves, dragons, wizards and humans unite to fight the dark forces of the world. I enjoyed reading this book. It had enough mystery (suspense) to keep me reading it. I'm curious to see where the sequel will take Danny next.
  • Angel's Kiss on Sep. 16, 2012

    A strong willed female character. An unknown past fills her present and future. A story full of mystery and danger. Deception, passion and immortal creatures. This story is filled with everything that draws me to a novel. It has a beautiful, strong, independent female character. She is a successful business woman. She runs her own private investigator firm. A case starts the debacle of her life. She finds herself a victim of an attack that changes her perception of life. She discovers she is more than human and no one will give her a straight answer. Who can she trust? Her grandmother seems to have lost her mind. Her husband, who only wants to protect her. The man that comes through her dreams drives her insane. Her life is changing and she can't stop it. The story is full of twists of fate and unsolved mysteries. It is full of cliff hangers and the end... (well I just can't give it away)... lets just say wow!!! I can't wait to read more stories by Lynne Stevie I can only hope a sequel to this novel is already printed somewhere, just waiting for a release date or I think I will go crazy waiting to read more about Alexandria Lewis.
  • Earth on Oct. 02, 2012

    *Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review, through the group Lovers of Paranormal. I found the story to be easy to read and follow. The three main characters are very different from each other even though they got a big thing in common, elemental magic. I truly enjoyed reading this book. It gives a different perspective of a teenager. There wasn't the regular immature teenager behavior, no drama, crushes, indecision. The story shows the other side of teenagers, those who are more responsible and mature. I enjoyed this story because it went a little deeper into understanding magic and balancing different believes. The story focuses more on the magic than the teenage drama and I found that really refreshing. I would definitely read the sequel of this series. The story walks us through the lives of Shayna, Jodi and Steven. Each of them contribute to their friendship with different personalities and elemental magic. Shayna is the strongest of the three, a natural leader, responsible and sometimes shy. Jodi and Steven follow and respect Shayna, but are not afraid to let her know when she might be wrong. As the story develops strange things start to happen in their world and they feel obligated to take action, because their power comes with the responsibility to do something.