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Ciel Dexter is the pseudonym of an international social work consultant- her proper job. This work has taken her to a range of different countries such as India, Russia, Azerbaijan and other parts of Eastern Europe. She maintains close links with Ukraine, which is a second home, and the subject of her next novel.

Working abroad has also brought her into contact with different cultures and marginalised groups such as the Roma. She has an interest in what happens when different groups of people mix and interact, particularly the impact on women.

Ciel is a feminist who aims to explore themes of race, class and inequality in her writing.

The idea for The Sister and The Daughter came from the image of a boy burying his head in the ground, a sight she witnessed in Calcutta. This image became linked to the theory that the Black Death originated from an earthquake in India before spreading to Europe. Travelling people of this period were in a unique position as both witnesses and scapegoats. Therefore Ciel pursued the image of the boy, the plague and the Black Madonna, who is the counterpart of the Black Death, on their journey from India, to North Africa, to southern France before arriving on the British island where the story begins.

Ciel was born in East London and now lives on the greater London/ Essex border. She likes films, dance, music and animals. The book she most wishes she had written is ‘The Master and Margerita’. Her favourite film is My Own Private Idaho. ‘The Sister and the Daughter’ was written to the sound of ‘Black Heart’ by Marc and the Mambas.

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