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Smashwords book reviews by cjarcher9

  • Angel Fire (Fallen Angels - Book 1) on Feb. 05, 2011

    Valmore Daniels has written a complex and well-rounded character in Darcy Anderson, a woman who can set fire to things telepathically. The book opens with her leaving prison after doing 10 years for killing her parents in a fire which she accidentally started. The rest of the book focuses on Darcy coming to terms not only with what she did and her strange "affliction" but also the trials and tribulations of returning to her hometown where she's essentially an outcast. There was quite a bit of backstory to this book as Darcy's family history plays an important role but Daniels handled it superbly, feeding little bits of it here and there as necessary. There were a couple of flashbacks which broke up the flow a little, but otherwise the story unfolded naturally. In fact, Darcy's backstory was well thought out as was the "world". I totally began to believe that telepyrosis could be real and Daniels has obviously researched the biblical side of angels. Although the writing is sometimes not as strong as it could be, Daniels has nailed the dialog. It's so real and fresh and gives an acute insight into the characters. The only problem with the dialog was there wasn't enough of it! Sometimes Darcy's introspection slowed the book down, but usually not for long before some action took place. I highly recommend this book. The Fallen Angels series is going to be terrific if this first book is any indication.
  • Immortal Ecstasy on Feb. 13, 2011

    I love ancient history and romance so the combination in Immortal Ecstasy was irresistible. I wasn't disappointed. Curington has crafted an interesting tale set in Ancient Greece with an alpha hero you can't help falling for. The heroine, a water nymph disguised as a man, is plucky and easy to like. The plot was uncomplicated as she tries to ingratiate herself into the hero's mercenary group in order to persuade them not to fight for her village's enemy. I did have a few issues with the plot however, mostly surrounding an underused villainess. It was as if Curington set up this character to throw a spanner in the works near the end but unfortunately she didn't follow through on the promise. I forgave this and a few other minor quibbles because I was so wrapped up in the rest of the story, the characters and the sexy situations as Leuc reluctantly found himself falling for a man. Immortal Ecstasy was an enjoyable novella and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone interested in an erotic ancient civilization romance.