C J Evans


'I was born on a Monday, sometime in the late afternoon...'

It's a lot harder to write about yourself than people make out. To a certain extent, writing creatively is much easier than writing autobiographically as you're less emotionally involved in the story than if it were of your own life. I know some authors like to adapt their own lives and allow characters to relive their experiences. I'm the opposite. I like to live out things I would like to do through my characters. My characters often represent my wishes.

That's not to say there aren't bits and pieces of my own life in my books. I have stood in bowl of coleslaw at a BBQ, I did want to be Superman when I grew up and I did go to a private school when I was growing up. But that's where the similarities end. I create characters, and even though I often have a friend or a colleague, or even former enemies in mind when I write the story, the characters are all unique.

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