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  • The Ultimate Adventure: Journey to the Spirit Kingdom on Aug. 06, 2011

    As a teacher I am always looking for examples of good story telling to use as models for my students. I am pleased to have found another! After briefly introducing the main spirit characters of the story, Henning begins with a vivid description of its setting. He uses much descriptive language and imagery to bring the reader into the events as they are unfolding. Instead of bluntly telling the reader about the character of the heroine, Henning uses her actions and words to give a very good idea idea of her personality. She also grows stronger as the story moves on, and learns more about herself. The story, reads almost like a fable, and has several classic messages to impart regarding greed and inner strength. But unlike a fable, the story happens in the modern world and tackles modern problems such as destruction of the environment. However, the novel is not preachy but written at an audience level of 8 - 12 years. I'll be using this novel as a read-aloud in my Grade 3 classroom this year!