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David Antonelli
Latest book: The Sleep.
Published October 31, 2019.

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  • The Narcissist on Feb. 19, 2011

    "Exciting stuff! In David Antonelli the world has just witnessed the birth of a great new writer of astonishing originality...The Narcissist is an emotional and cerebral mind bender that comes from the same psychological place as Nirvanna's first album, or Rimbaud's "A Season in Hell" but uses a first person film-noire narrative that gradually unravels into absurdity in much the same way as Antonion's "L'Aventurra" or Paul Auster's "New York Trilogy" use a mystery as a platform for existential reflection. The characters are all riveting and the prose beautiful and electrifying. There are scenes that make you laugh, others that make you angry, and still others that leave you utterly spellbound - like some of the erotic sequences, the exploding doll's leg, or the peyote trip on the island. It also serves as a great introduction to the works of French surrealist writer Antonin Artaud. It keeps you reading from start to finish down to the very last line. The depth of psychology and philosophical insights compliment the carefully plotted, but surreal mystery chassis and edgy writing to make this a true masterpiece. I would rate him as good a writers as Jonathan Franzen and Sarah Kane, but completely different and more continental in his influences. Looking forward to more where this came from!
  • Inbetween on Aug. 24, 2011

    Inbetween grabed me. I can imagine how it is in a underground group like terrorists. To see how Antonelli managed the subtitel phychology and metaphors is a delight to read this book.
  • The Candidate on June 05, 2012

    as i have read inbetween and the narcissist the candidate is much more as i have had thought. in certain cases he got my heart. i would like to know whether the author antonelli will bring this novel on paper pages as a book cause such book i miss it whithin by library.