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  • From Powder Monkey to Admiral on April 14, 2011

    Written in the tradition of Forester's Hornblower series, "From Powder Monkey to Admiral" is a fine and readable narrative. The title is a little misleading since it ends with the main character, Henry Rayner, having recently been made a midshipman. A far cry from admiral! Yes, I know there will be sequels to this book. The author does a fair job of keeping your interest as he tells the story of Rayner and his friends adventures. He has some knowledge of the time period and does not overwhelm you with details, but describes the action well enough to form a decent picture of what is happening. His prose those seems to be a bit outdated and at times reminded me more of Dickens than Forester. Overall I would recommend this book. It is fairly light reading, but entertaining. His characters are believable, and mostly likeable. You will find yourself rooting for Henry and Jack Peek as they learn their chosen trade.