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Christian Living Books fills the need for professional publishing services with a quick turnaround. Christian Living Books, established in 2001, presents a great alternative to authors anxious to have their works published but unwilling or unable to wait for the often hard-to-come-by, traditional publishing arrangement. Many authors who come to Christian Living Books need their books in lightning fast time. They are hosting a conference, making a television appearance or speaking engagement and really need the quick turnaround we provide. We also have authors whose message is so relevant for today that they simply must get it out. It is a burning desire within them and they feel labor pains as they await the delivery. Other authors find it easier to get a traditional publishing deal once their book has been published and has achieved a measure of success. These authors realize that it is often difficult to get a “book deal” without a track record to present to publishers. Publishers do take risks in traditional arrangements and are therefore conservative in their acquisitions. Also, there are authors who are anxious to see their book in print. They have shopped around for a publisher to no avail. Weary of waiting, these authors find in Christian Living Books all the services they need to bring their dreams to fruition. In addition to traditional publishing, Christian Living Books, Inc. is pleased to offer print on demand packages to our authors. In this way, we can tailor our production services to fit any budget. As the book industry has moved into the digital age, we continue to upgrade our services and procedures. One example of this is the addition of e-Book publishing to our list of services.

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