Clint Morey


Born and raised in L.A., it didn't take much to convince my wife and I to leave the smog, traffic and dead bolts of Southern California and head for a new life in The Big Sky Country -- Montana.

We were a little concerned when we first arrived in Billings and saw a pickup with a rifle in the back window and a bumper sticker that read ...

Keep Montana Beautiful
Shoot an Out-of-Stater

Fortunately we haven't had to use our finely honed bullet-dodging skills. Instead we found Montana to be filled with great people and awesome scenery.

Montana has been and continues to be a great adventure for us. God has blessed us in many ways -- six beautiful children and many wonderful friends. It's also a great place to be a writer.

But I don't recommend it for anyone else. Stay where you are in your concrete jungles. Suck in that air that you can see before you breathe it. Buy deadbolts for your doors. Maybe even pick up a guard dog.

Remember, if you come up here, I know a guy in Billings ...

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