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  • Blood Lust (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Book 1) on Dec. 24, 2010

    The cover on this is seductive, giving you a sample of what to expect. What the cover can't tell you is the myriad of characters it contains. Blood Lust is three novellas combined, comprising of Kept, Claimed and Mated. All three novellas flow together really well and the set of stories entwine with each other. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters and all their guises. There's a healthy mix - werecat (cat therian), were, vamp, sorcerer and some humans. I love the storyline which seamlessly melded fantasy and everyday life. The stories are humorously told in places, with tangeable emotions from the characters. There are some really well done hot sex scenes in this -not overly explicit- the expectation of this is built up through the book and in each of the novellas. I like the explanation of why vampires don't have mirrors, this is without a doubt the best explanation I've read to date, it actually makes sense, and adds another element to vampires that doesn't appear anywhere else I've seen. Blood Lust overall has similar themes in each of the three parts. A human runs from something (or someone) and meets their proverbial knight in shining armor....then has to trust in that person, whilst going against everything they thought they knew. My favorite out of the three is Claimed, which has vampire characters and humans as the main storyline, alongside characters from Kept. It's not an easy choice to make though, as they're all really addictive and I couldn't put them down once I'd started. I'm looking forward to reading Save My Soul...hope the wait won't be too much longer!
  • Beg Me on Dec. 29, 2010

    I agree with some of Bea's comments on her review. Shiloh Walker has done a fantastic job of pre-warning readers exactly hat thet are getting, and for that I thank her. Some of the topics and emotions made me uncomfortable, but that was my own feelings, not because of the book. I read this at the beginning of December and decided to leave it a while before writing my review. Shiloh has broached a sensitive subject, and I think she did so with compassion, whilst also bringing into the storyline a sexually explicit role playing theme. When the story unfolded I was completely drawn to Tania, the main character in this. Her husband died in a car crash, and later she's raped by her brother in law (her deceased husband's twin). I won't go into details further than that, but the plot does develop, and there are some stunning and chilling twists to it. I felt all the anxiety and unsurity surrounding how Tania felt, and marvelled alongside her as she progressed from retreating from her shell and being a victim, to acceptance and moving on with the help of Drake two years on from the rape. She takes back her fantasies, and her life. Drake is a fantastic character. He's been in love with Tania from the beginning, but as her husband's best friend, has put his feelings in a box, and watched her grieve for her husband, and been her shoulder to cry on when she needed support. He comes across as really compassionate and so sweet. He's Tania's anchor when she decides to take back her fantasies and live life. The storyline is packed with emotion and can be hard hitting in places, it's hard to believe that this is such as short story, there's so much in here, you really don't notice until the end. If you're not a fan of the intimacies within the pages, the emotions alone from this book are very palpable. As stated, the story does have role play and fantasy rape scenes as well as light bondage. I think it's only suitable for adults.
  • Scary Mary on Feb. 13, 2012

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