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  • Armageddon Cometh, Species Intervention #6609 Book Three on April 17, 2013

    We dive right into where "Echo" leaves off. I'm actually happy to see that AC has kept the same Characters from its previous book "Echo," since "Baby's" Characters died off and going into "Echo" we received new Characters. ***SPOILERS*** Continue reading at your own risk! Oh, we get to hear from the previous main Characters (Netty and Baby) from "Baby." I was wondering if they would ever re-appear again! Again, new Characters are introduced. Though one in particular made me sick! Hearing Armoni talk about raping Ginger Mae's daughter (aka niece) is wrong! I had to take a mental breather for a minute because that's some serious messed up stuff to try and contemplate. Also with this 3rd book from the series, I see that it is finally tying pieces of the puzzle together. For a better understanding of some of the previous side characters/turned main Characters in place. A few of the side characters from "Echo" now become main Characters and Jose's story comes together completely. (I was wondering what was up with that in Echo.) The story is finally coming full circle! I however found Armoni's story not helping with the book. At all! Was I supposed to feel sympathetically to him? What was the Authors decision in writing it? I didn't find one, I couldn't. Not only does AC bring in the New Characters throughout the book but they also find a place in Echo's mission. Scotty gets a girlfriend, Jose finds Mama Diaz and the girls... Abby and Echo start being secretive, the mission begins. Doom and gloom is on the rise! Wouldn't recommend to Readers under 18. Has sexual content, aggressive behavior and overall contemplative situations. I did find the Writing Style with this one flowed easier for me and the plot really picked up steam! Extremely happy that I finally LIKED reading the book!
  • Hive, Species Intervention #6609, Book Four on April 17, 2013

    Again, we delve into Hive straight out of AC (Armageddon Cometh.) Loved that the Author wrote it this way for us. I can say that AC and Hive are my favs! That says a lot because Baby and Echo just weren't cutting it for me. The Authors story telling is getting better as the series grows deeper. Her writing is finally picking up the pace and had me reading through this book at 100 mph. Can't wait for that next one! It has definitely piqued my interest! May contain some spoilers, readers read at your own risk. You've been warned! The plot and characters are starting to get more interesting. The clans Captain Cobby, Kane (Captains son.) Ginger Mae, Daisy (Ginger Mae's daughter.) Johno and his crew (Elephants and other animal lovers.) Kenya (teen girl doing community service for the zoo.) Dezi and Clyde (truckers.) Lorna, Susie and Jennifer (Clyde's wife and grand kids.) Maryann (stranded teen straggler.) Seth (random guy/turned hitch hiker/psycho.) Along with the original Clan that is- Baby, Netty, Wil, Abby, Jose, Scotty, Echo, Barney, Peter, and Chloe. There is more that I know are getting left out but I'm going off of memory here, these are some that just stuck. Everyone finally finds their places in the Hive. We watch what enfolds during the bombing/end-of-the-world, through Lorna's journey to the Hive. Though some of her decisions are rash and unobtrusive, this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Thought she was better than that! I'm pulling for her to NOT make it, especially after that ending/cliffhanger! I have to say that Seth (Lorna's companion to the Hive) is really sick. *GAG* And where was his "history" story at? We got the other sick bastards (Armoni's) story in the previous book(s). Why didn't we get his? This, along like the other books is dark. Its always so sad. I want just one book, hopefully the last book and willing that it be the next book, for it to have a HEA! (I've stated this in one of my previous reviews for this series.) With no violence or minimal if at all possible... sadness. PLEASE! This dark and twisted stuff is getting old, fast. (The One, was supposed to be out February of this year, where is it at?) I NEED that book like yesterday! *hint hint* Once more, this has violence, sexual context, depicted and degrading scenes. Readers should be 18+.
  • Echo Species Intervention #6609 on April 17, 2013

    My Review will contain MANY Spoilers! Please do NOT continue on if you don't want to know what goes on in this book. This one was a little bit harder for me to get into feeling it. We get a new gang of Characters, out with the old and in with the new! Writing Style stays the same, Characters POV's jump from one to the next. The storyline bounced from Scotty to Echo then Jose. Barney was another constant fixture as well. Thought some facts could have been left out about Jose because they seemed to cause more questions than answers. Lets hope that these get answered within the next book or the one following and were not left hanging, like with Baby. The book jumped a mere 10 years into the future of Scotty, Abby and their mom, along with the Diaz clan. I felt cheated out on those years lost. More death hits home with their story's, with a brief pause for their grievances. It was all chaotic and fast. Fast forward button, hit pause then rewind! Another thing that stumped me was, that this book again (like Baby) has sadness. Always sad! I'm hoping this is not going to be a recurrence, now I'm not so sure. AT some point in the next book(s) would love to have my HEA. That or any of the Characters get whats coming to them, Justice! We catch a glimpse of the mysterious "Womb" creature (previously in Baby,) finally have confirmation to Echo's and Baby's Quest! One side character did remind me of Hannibal Lector (Silence of the Lambs.) Freaked me out! Again, not suitable for anyone under 18. Content includes- limited/mild talk about insist. *SICK*