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  • The Kuzari: Arguments in Defense of Judaism on Feb. 28, 2012

    Over the past 900 years, much of the science and Aristotelian philosophy that Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi so valiantly battled against in his classic work "The Kuzari" are no longer relevant. But many of the book's major themes - such as the limitations of human logic, the special mission of the Jewish people, the centrality of the Land of Israel - as well as his brilliant parables - are as important as ever. The translation, while based on Prof. Hirschfeld's work, underwent a major overhaul; the English is up-to-date and flows. As an ebook, the formatting is clear, and the table of contents is detailed and fully linked. Also included are introductory essays about Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi and the major themes of the book. This version of "The Kuzari" is definitely the best one currently available as an ebook.