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Charles is serial Entrepreneur engaged in different industries. He has several years of solid experience managing and operating a number of businesses. Although engineering studies are his tools and also his passion, Charles is a highly spiritual person and he has a special place in his heart for God and Spiritual matters. He loves to share his knowledge of Heaven and his encounters with angels in order to help improve spiritual wisdom in all.

Charles hailed from well-knitted multiple ancestors of royals from both sides of his family. Born in tradition-dominated era to the Orunbemekun Royal family of Irele Kingdom, Southwest Nigeria; Charles is a Crown-Prince and second to the Odimayo/Olofun throne.

Charles relocated to United States of America in 1980. He traveled through North America, parts of Europe & Africa for nearly three decades as the Founder and CEO of Compůtöss Technologies, Mayos’ Inc., O.V.I. Corporation, owner and chief editor of African Business Magazine based in Delaware. As a young boy in 1975, he had an encounter with the Spirit of God which took him on four visits to Heaven and frequent visitation from various entities he called Angels. And for a span of thirty-three years, the little boy steadily emerged into a deeply Spiritual man.

Imbued on every page of his books are Charles' astounding humor and compassion for God. Four Glimpses of Heaven, The Acts of Angels and Summoned are glorious books that bear all the marks of classics.

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What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is a narrative of the trips I took to heaven and the activities I witnessed in the afterlife. At 11 years old I had a near death experience [NDE] and went to heaven. Then it happened again when I was fourteen years old. Here in America, I was physically invited and taken by Angels to the “city of God” two more times. Once when I was in Newark, New Jersey, and then another time when I moved to Delaware. On each of the visits, I was allowed to see different aspects of Heaven. The highlights of my first visit was meeting my three brothers, my sister and close relatives who passed on before I was born, my second visit was meeting Jesus by the Chrystal River who showed me the Tree of Life but both Jesus and God refused my request to bring its leave back to earth. My third was a dramatic visit to a spectacular Church in Heaven. My fourth and final voyage was a breath-taking tour where I meet with some people called elders whom I believe were the “US” God conferred with before man was created, Jesus, sea of Angels in formation and multitudes of people at the valley. I was taken to the throne and had direct conversations with God on the issues of humanity when He explained the meaning of “Ancient of days,” “Faith,” “world without end” and more. To crown it all, was the revelation of the location and tour of the “Garden of Eden” which had been hidden away inside Heaven. Although there were some things I was told not to write or disclose, but I felt compelled to share many of the things so that the whole world will understand that truly Heaven has prepared and expectantly awaits our next level of life in eternity.
You wrote in your book that humans don't die, how did you come to that conclusion?
When I tell people that death is a myth because we do not die, they roll their eyes in reaction that could best be described as, "looks as he/she has just met a high-functioning psycho. But of course we don't. If we do, those souls I met in the afterlife will not be there. They changed their consciousness like 'caterpillar to butterfly' and live on. In dying I discovered that death is an illusion. Death is nothing. It has no captivating power, no pain and most of all has no mystery. Our departure or transition from the physical earth to the afterlife is one simple and uneventful step. The moment of death is an instant; you’ll slip away before you can blink your eyes. On a grand level, death is like slipping into another room in your house. As scary as the phenomenon is to us, death has no secret agenda, nothing hidden and nothing to unwrap. The most amazing part of death is the fact that you wouldn't actually know that you have died. In death, you would have cross over to the afterlife but you will quickly discover that you are in continuation of life. Nothing has changed. You are still you. You will recognize yourself as you and it feels like you are just taking a stroll around the corner in a new city. The continuity of life is unbroken. You will remember everyone as you would if you have just traveled out of town. What I found amusing about death is that people on earth misses you, while family members in the afterlife awaits and celebrate your arrival in heaven like a new born baby. There might be a painful separation on earth, but it is all joy in heaven. The sounds of music and the resounding holy holy in heaven will melt your soul. It is then that you will have the awareness of God as your spirit moves in many directions until you get to the arena near the throne of God the father. Death is not what the world made it out to be; it is only a vehicle of transition to another life. The pain in death is the three dimensional body’s unwillingness to let go of what it knows. It can be liken to the fetus scared of being dislodged from the comfort of the womb into an unfamiliar world. Death is a rebirth. Many people miss life lessons when they chose to avoid conversation about death or encounters with the dying. If we stop, sit and listen to the dying, we can get beyond our morbid fears of death. Many will then come to a place of peaceful acceptance of transition and gleefully look forward to a dignified celebration of crossover when they understand death. I’ve had one foot stepping into the threshold of eternity to give assurance, hope and a fresh expectation to humanity of what lies beyond the grave. Close your eyes on earth and you will open it in heaven with nothing to fear. Death is uneventful; the drama is only for the living.
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Four Glimpses of Heaven is a powerful answer to questions of Life after Death. It exposed what happens to the human soul at the very point of death and how the spirit behaves in transition when it leaves the body.

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A Romantic Dance with God
Price: $5.98 USD. Words: 85,350. Language: English. Published: September 26, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Spiritual awakening
My life to this point has been one continuous rendezvous with God and His angelic beings in a place called heaven (afterlife) that exists somewhere in the universe. It is a spiritual home of souls and place where those that have been given up for dead lives. Heaven, hell, paradise or whatever name one might call it is an experience everyone on earth must have as part of their cycle of life.
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The Acts of Angels revealed details of Heaven and angels’ direct interventions that started with the innocent impulse of a child. This non-fiction spiritual premise exposes the duality of humans in nature: The eternal divide between mind and soul, spirit and corporal body. It explained essential activities of angels on earth and how they reach out to help individuals in times of need. A great read
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What is Heaven like? The answer is no longer a euphoric imagination. “Summoned” presents meticulously engaging biblical answers, based on Charles’ journeys to the throne of God, mansion of Souls and Eden. His observations will surprise and stretch readers' intellect. "Summoned" inspires readers to long for Heaven with the understanding that death is another beginning in the cycle of life.
Four Glimpses of Heaven
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 77,510. Language: American English. Published: February 14, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Life / Personal Growth, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Life / Death, Grief, Bereavement
Four Glimpses of Heaven is a powerful answer to questions of Life after Death. It exposed what happens to the human soul at the very point of death and how the spirit behaves in transition when it leaves the body. Charles was taken four times to witness various activities in Heaven. His experiences demystified the powers attributed to death and actualized the instance a soul arrives in heaven.

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