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Proud mom of son&daughter, my son works ina big hospital- took himself back to school - I'm really proud of him, he's got so much to offer- and my daughter is amazing - I was going to brag about how great they are & how it bothers me to know that the world is NOT a better place as a result of my generation- my parents generation dropped everything to rescue the world from evil- they buried their loved ones and built the UN so evil could be stopped before it got a toehold- such a wonderful idea, I wonder what they would think of the hatred for America that is shown (&sown) within the walls of that institution? Anyway, besides my wonderful kids, there is also Missa, Sophia, Jenn, Liz my other girls& cant forget Stephen is an honorary also-
Proud 'mom' of Bosco- a pit/shep mix, big scary looking beastie, as sweet a dog ever- he started his existence as a bundle of torn-up skin & bones - as he grew, so did my amazement that an animal could survive what he survived& have such a big heart that he could 'mother' a tiny little kitten & teach another full grown cat that there was room for him too-
Yes, I think I'm going to tell his story, there are too many pitbulls with big hearts & bad reps -
BTW- I suck at the 'social' website thing- keep forgetting user names etc- can be caught on TWITTER when riled up-tried to vent about NYs treatment of TimTebow, but still pissed that management didnt boot the disgusting, nosepicking coach - that obscene carricature of a human ruined that kids career- amazing that he took the Broncos further than peyton manning, who is praised so high-dont get me wrong he deserves it- but so did Tebow! But because hes religious, he was maligned & never given the opportunity-obviously still much to vent- also wanna know why there are 4 dead Americans, who asked for help & got (pardon my spelling) ugots- what do I know? I fought the government for 10years - a year later the gov sez 'ur rite'- but its too late to give you what you were fighting for...& angry as I am, God help you if you condemn this great country in front of me- I may live in daily pain, but betcha I can still throw a mean roundhouse


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  • Spurned on July 02, 2013
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    Thankyou, it was a nice 'escape'- I enjoyed reading Spurned- it was well written, whats more is that it took me along for a ride in imagination (i'm not that creative, it was nice to find such creativity) I look forward to sequel.
  • Spurned on July 02, 2013

    Oops, I forgot to rate
  • Legend of the White Werewolf 2-The Second Son on Aug. 28, 2013

    It was a nice story, abit disjointed in some spots, but i would rather focus on the creative aspect- it took imagination to write this, so why sweat the small stuff
  • Lightweight Knitted Dog/Pet Coat ~ The Mod For Mystery Dog #3 on Sep. 22, 2013
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    I havent yet read the directions, but I'm definitely looking forward to making my beastie a nice sweater- lol, hope its easy because I'm knitting needle challenged, despite the best efforts of my Irish Nana & my friend's Polish Gramma
  • D- (minus) on Oct. 01, 2013
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    I am 56yrs old- I was truly touched by the poem- STATEMENT is more like it- my heart goes out to the suffering that led to this - I would like to forward this to the local schools- it starts in elementary, by middle & high school, bullies have their 'art' perfected- this 'art' is then inherited when these socially acceptable thugs raise kids of their own & push other kids aside so their little angels(ahem) will get the best positions in sports & other youth activities- Thankyou, I will now step off my soapbox
  • D- (minus) on Oct. 01, 2013

    I forgot to add the 5 stars it deserves