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I was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Ohio. Writing has been one of my passions since the beginning of middle school. It wasn’t uncommon to find me writing short manuscripts or ideas in binders back in school. I graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Writing. Through college I started to write my first series with a style that has adapted since middle school. Several professors didn’t believe in my style or work due to it dealing with science fiction and fantasy, but I stayed strong and have completed five works. It is my hope that others will see my works as something new and will eventually lead to being published.

Shortly I will be releasing another short story I wrote two years ago called Run Away. It deals with two people each caught in different dilemmas and running from them. They are thrown together and learn to survive.

Davania is not the only book of that type of series. It belongs to the Davanian Chronicles with collected short stories and novels that revolve around the creatures of the night. In these books you will find there are not just a couple creatures to worry about such as Vampire and Werewolves, but in fact there is more than one race to be worried about.

The main series I worked on in college is called Star Child. This is a lengthy series of which I have completed three books. They are about a young man taken to the future where he is tossed into a future he had not wanted to experience. He must fight to understand the secret with him and why this conflict is happening.

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