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  • Quantum Self Hypnosis on Dec. 14, 2011

    I was highly impressed with this book! Most of my reading on "self-improvement" has focused on the negative and how to change that negative. This book takes it to another level by eliminating the negative thought-train in the first place and putting the focus on positive self talk before the "official" lesson even begins. Eliminating yourself as your enemy allows you to successfully engage in self hypnosis and helps put your outlook in a better place. For me, I chronically undersell myself and it's stunted my career. By using Dr. Starr's techniques I was not only able to be more focused and build confidence in myself, I was able to tap into a higher level of creativity that I've been trying to find for years! Personally, this method is the best choice for a first timer to learn about self hypnosis. First, for me, the privacy of obtaining and using directly from home was very important. There was no need to face another at a cash register or an office. I get embarrassed very easily, so before reading Dr. Starr's book I would have been embarrassed to the point of inaction. This allowed me to be able to start working in a positive direction right from the start. There is enough background information on the topic of self hypnosis in the book so that a newbie like me can understand what the process is and how it works without being drowned in jargon and over exposure. If you've ever been curious about self hypnosis or self improvement I highly recommend "Quantum Self Hypnosis"!