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Lora Lockhart is a Psychological and Christian Life Coach, she prides herself on raising three beautiful children who give her the motivation and inspiration to live every day to the fullest. She has explored many avenues throughout her life, from little league coaching and classroom parenting to a career in sales. Her heart is with nonprofit work. In 2007, she readjusted her career and life to pursue her passion and purpose for Christ. She wrote, illustrated and published her first book for children about faith and Gods plan even through the difficult times in our lives.
She attended Concord University where she pursued an education in Political Science as an aspiring attorney, later changing her major to communications.
Life ran smooth for her until God shook her up a bit, demonstrating gifts that He had given her which sent her straight over the edge of chasing her dreams, her passion and purpose in life for Him through Him. There was no turning back from there, seeking her purpose and place in Christ was such an amazing journey that she made it her purpose in life to help others.
Experiencing a world of storms since that decision was made, those storms have equiped her with the tools that she needed to assist thousands of others to do the same, with less struggle and a lot less confusion.
Her mission is to love, guide, support, motivate and empower others to live their lives comfortably in their own skin and living their passions, happily fulfilling their dreams and their purpose.
"There is no mountain that you cannot climb, its just a matter of figuring out which mountains are yours and equipping yourself for the journey:~Lora Lockhart

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
This is a funny question to me, Yes, I do remember. I was very young, maybe 7 years old at the time, I remember my Mom always called me "the story teller" because she could walk into any room looking for me and almost always find me in the center of a crowd telling stories. It inspired me, I was not the most structured person in the world so actually sitting down to write was totally different from telling the stories-I did love to "doodle" though, so I sat down with these little doodles of mine one day and I wrote about the "Teardrop Twins" the story grew over the years, for about 20 years actually, so when I was about 27 I took those stories and turned them into "Raindrop Rewards" a childrens' series of books based on Gods grace in our lives and His presence in each of our lives including those very difficult times and the lessons that inspired me about Gods love for each and every one of us.
What is your writing process?
I better begin by telling you that I live inside the right side of my brain. Stories are always bouncing off of the walls of my brain, when they reach my heart, I just sit down and start writing because the ideas come so quickly. I move all of my "writing" to the side and start to create a mind map with the ideas I just saved, from there I begin to decide what point I am truly trying to make and what approach that I want to use to reach my audience. I am all about purpose and "normal" people exceeding their limits so I actually love to bring my work to my audience in its most pure form, meaning that if I draw my own pictures then that is what I include. and then I look at the paper (yes I use pen and ink and a fresh notebook) and creating from a "blank canvas" I use whatever I have to bring to you what it is that I am trying to express to you personally. I then type it up and edit it and sometimes I edit so much that it never reaches anyone, but then I send it out, always in prayer that it has a message for my reader that improves their life in any way possible.
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This is my story to you, about my own experiences of feeling broken. This is the story of how my brokenness led me down a path that only God could save me from. A path that almost ended my journey way before my time. Not only did God step in right on time for me, He led me through my journey and straight into my purpose in life and He can do the same for you!

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