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I always loved to read but could never find the time for writing while pursuing varying careers in music, art, journalism...even property management. But now, as a retired geezer, I have time to actually read all those great authors that I had to skim through in college. Their legacy has inspired me to peck away creatively at the computer. I live in Whitefish, Montana, with my wife Carrie in a century-old log house. No dogs. No cats. Just a rarely used sailboat and a faithful Honda.

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How a Boy Survived Genocide, or Living With Hope
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 24,830. Language: English. Published: December 29, 2015 by Rod Fisher. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration
A true story of how a teenage Hutu relates his boyhood journey of courage and faith through the atrocities and hardships of tribal warfare.


The Inglorious Brotherhood
You set the price! Words: 31,730. Language: English. Published: July 25, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Coming of age
The Brotherhood of Water Rats left a legacy of petty piracy and hi-jinx on the Blue Bay River in the summer of 1942. Were they delinquents or miscreants?
Grim Vengeance, Book Two of the Antillian Scrolls
Series: Antillean Scrolls. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 39,190. Language: English. Published: July 31, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
After being brutally wounded and left for dead, Felic m'Lans is nursed back to health by the blinded Queen Gwenay. He is consumed with the need to avenge the loss of his lover, Chessa, a captive of the savage Gamollian reavers. This task will place him face-to-face with certain death as he searches the far lands of Antillia, never losing hope that she is still alive.
The Long Road to Salamanca
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 132,290. Language: English. Published: June 21, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Historical » General
This is the story of Miguel Santos, the alter ego of Gil Blas. He was not Casanova nor Don Juan but his many adventures with swindlers and bandits, and the many romantic entanglements of the hero should not be forgotten and shelf-bound by the archaic idiom of the Enlightenment Period. His story shocked that era's sensibilities--but in a genteel way.
The Hag of Calix, Book One of the Antillian Scrolls
Series: Antillean Scrolls. Price: Free! Words: 47,910. Language: English. Published: April 11, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Felic was a warrior without a sword, a pirate captain without a ship, whose devotees boasted of his legendary exploits. His ship and crew were lost. Penniless, he loafed along the docks of Seaskal. An opportunity arose, a mission for the hag queen of Calix. But what began as a simple seaman's task soon became complicated by enemies old and new, and by the attentions of two determined women.

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PJ Skinner
Latest book: Fool's Gold. Published December 12, 2017. (5.00 from 4 reviews)

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  • The Sword And The Dagger on Feb. 04, 2014

    Very enjoyable read. I went away wondering if there really was a Fial McMurrin whose career was the basis for the book. So I googled it. You'll have to do the same if you want to know.
  • On the Edge of Darkness on June 21, 2015

    Molloy knows his ships and the routines aboard. The book follows the hit and run antics of the British navy's torpedo boats and marines. There is plenty of unexpected action while the scenes and conversation define the human side of a tar's life in WWII. I like a story that teaches as it entertains. This is one.
  • A Singular Captain on June 27, 2015

    This is a great read of Magellan's voyage as seen through the eyes of Pigafetta, his personal assistant. Too often men like Magellan who have made a profound impact on the history and discovery of the world are denigrated by revisionist historians who dwell on their mistakes and weaknesses. But when the world was a mystery it took rare exceptional personalities to lead others into the unknown. Magellan and Columbus had faults but they had a singular unwavering purpose and never faltered in accomplishing it. This account of Magellan's voyage doesn't judge him by our modern cultural standards but places him in the proper context of the 16th century. Well done Mr. Regan.
  • Young Dick on July 06, 2015

    Yes, "Young Dick" is a "ripping good yarn". I enjoyed it and if you like sea stories you will too.
  • Morning Patrol on Aug. 31, 2015

    I'm glad someone still writes about those "Knights of the SkY". It's a fun and quick read.
  • The Country Pirate on Nov. 12, 2015

    Excellent read. Well written. I loved the totally unexpected turn of events that caught me off guard--an unpredictable plot. Buy it. You'll love it.
  • The Actuary on Nov. 21, 2015

    This book is well-written. It has an interesting plot. But I lost interest about two-thirds of the way through. I thought it was going to be a suspense/thriller. It could be if the soap opera romance elements were curtailed. I got tired of reading about the muscular biceps and the handsome profile. The heroine's blazing hormones seem to suffuse, quiver, chill, etc., in nympho frequency. She has a secret she needs to get out, but every time she's ready to confess the phone rings, there's someone at the door, or something else interferes. That gets a little over-used. And, although I read most of the book, I still have no idea what the "actuary" really does that makes his job dangerous. Finally, I didn't care any more. If you are looking for a romantic novel with some action and suspense then you will enjoy this story, but don't expect a Tom Clancy type read.
  • Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man on April 25, 2017

    This is a thoroughly delightful read. After plodding through several mediocre and poorly written novels, it was wonderful to find an author that can really tell a story with action, wit and just enough titillation to spice up the plot. I am now locked-in as an eternal fan and will (actually) buy all the rest of her books. If you like to read and want a story that won't just pull you along, but will rocket you through the pages, then start with this one. You'll be grateful that she's not a one-book wonder.
  • Blue Ice Dying In The Rain on Sep. 03, 2017

    I haven't read the book yet but I'm very impressed by the cover art. That should earn it five stars all by itself.
  • Blue Ice Dying In The Rain on Sep. 04, 2017

    And now that I've read it, it deserves five stars also. (I reserve six stars for Charles Dickens and his ilk) Well written, good pacing, suspense, action, interesting characters and settings--all good.