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  • Inertia (Impulse, Book One) on Dec. 19, 2012

    This is the first book I've read by Amelia Gormley, and I found the writing and construction of the novel was done very well, but overall, I found the story to be somewhat no to my liking. This is mostly because of my reading preferences, and I still enjoyed the story. But, I found reading it to be somewhat tedious. There's no real story outside of the relationship between Derrick and Gavin, and I tend to not like very insular relationships in contemporary romance. Unless I find the characters much more engaging that what I normally read, or for some reason the relationship catches me in a way that rarely happens, I just find them a bit boring. Sadly, this happened for me here. It is by no means a reflection of the story, but it is how I felt about my reading experience. Derrick is very isolated from life and relationships following a breakup with his long-time girlfriend and best friend and from watching the slow decline of his grandparents. He's a somewhat stable and reserved man anyway, he's simple and likes a slow and easy life without complication. That changes when he is commissioned to build a set of shelves for Gavin, who is getting over a breakup with an emotionally and physically abusive man. They circle around each other quite a bit and their friendship and relationship starts and moves slowly. I suppose the reason I found this most tedious was how slowly everything happened. Actually, that's somewhat of a misrepresentation of my feelings, because I do appreciate slow romances. What was less to my taste was the way that Derrick narrated the story, very limited in life because of his fear and his tendency to overanalyze every situation. It's not unrealistic in anyway, but once again, it wasn't to my taste. And last, I felt as if there was no climax. I was waiting for something to happen to wrap up the story and instead it ended, feeling more like part one of a story than book one of a series. And it is a series, so there's no doubt more to come, but I had wished that more had happened in the story, and less internal debate that to me seemed repetitive. I'd welcome reading more of Amelia Gormley's work because I think she has a lot of talent, but this story wasn't for me, and I probably won't read the second book or any further installments. If you read a cross section of reviews for this book you'll find that many readers agree with me and many more disagree. Many people love this book, probably for the reasons that it didn't appeal to me. So I'd recommend this book to readers that really love contemporary with a central relationship, and with characters that really like to talk and consider their emotions.