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  • Project ELE on Aug. 06, 2012
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    I read this book in one day....I literally couldn't put it down. Romance, heart-ache (I cried my heart out at parts of this!) & lots of action. You are transported to a very believable end of the world, were a virus has killed most of the world's population & a few quarantines have been set up underground, to house the un-infected. The heroine is very likeable & you are routing for her to out run the bad guys. Couldn't believe the ending, it left me screaming no at my kindle, as now I can't wait to find out what happens to Willow & her friends/family! Please hurry up with the sequel, total cliff-hanger ending grrrrrrr!
  • Taken (Ava Delaney #4) on Aug. 08, 2012
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    Another excellent Ava Delaney book. I just love this series! This story is much more complicated & some of the tail ends are being tied up, but much more is still left unanswered/revealed, which I love as this means there will be more books in this series! The budding relationship between Ava & Peter is great to see. An exciting & thrilling read, for lovers of vampire genre. Defo recommend this book!!!
  • Finding ELE (ELE Series #2) on Oct. 11, 2012

    A great sequel to finding Willow, she is such a strong lead character. Loads of action & sweet romance! Totally fell in love with Tony, Willow's new protector.....but also think Alex is very I'm as torn as Willow lol. Also love Willow's family/friends relationships & great bad guys, the ones you love to hate!!!! I love post-apocalyptic books, but this series is so original & addictive.....that I can't wait for book ends with another great cliff hanger that leaves you gasping for will be left saying "NO!!!!!!!!!!" that can't be were they are leaving it lol.....hurry up ladies & get the third installment written!!! Thanks for another fantastic read!!!!
  • Exposing ELE on Dec. 18, 2012

    I loved this book from beginning to end. Willow is back with her friends fighting old foes!! It's the end of civilisation as we how it. Humanity has been nearly wiped out & the survivors have been unknownly experimented on, giving them new powers. Willow happens to absorb every power she comes into contact with, making her a very powerful young women & the badies want her! This book is packed full of action & there is also sweet romance. You will laugh, scream at your kindle & cry during this roller coaster ride of a book. Cliff-hanger ending as usual, but it just makes you sooooo hungry for the next book!!
  • Surviving ELE (ELE Series #4) on Feb. 10, 2013

    I was given this book by the author for an honest review. Fourth book in the series & they just keep getting better & better!!! Willow's back & Zac has taken Toni from her! She must face him, but she's not on her own, her friends refuse to let her go it alone. Willow must get Toni back & then just when you think all is well, she must save her friends & family. This book is thrilling, action packed, funny in places & in other places had me in tears. But such an exciting read! Best end of the world series I've read!! LOVED IT!
  • Blight on Feb. 17, 2013

    Loved this book!! I couldn't put it down & can't wait for the next book. Beck is a great heroine & Shaw is yummy! "He" is dark & mysterious. Action packed & fast paced, Beck's apparent demise into insanity is epic. A.C.Warneke is a wonderful writer & takes you along for the ride. Brilliant book, hopefully a long series planned, as I loved the blight-filled world!
  • Ending ELE on Sep. 30, 2013

    Totally loved this series & this book was a brilliant ending to it. Sad, now that it's all over :-( Willow & her friends are back & are still on the run from the bad guys! Tony is totally adorable & swoon worthy. Action from start to finish with sweet romance thrown in for good measure! Connor is very funny in this book & his character brings much needed fun to a very frightening time. You'll laugh & you'll cry, but happy endings can happen even in the midst of great sadness! You have to read this book!!!!!!