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Smashwords book reviews by Austin Feyh

  • Kaitlin Gags over Christmas on Dec. 11, 2014
    (no rating)
    I'm normally a huge fan of your work. But I feel that this isn't quite up to par with many of your previous works. It bounces from scene to scene too quickly with less detail than you generally provide. I also feel that in the future you should make an appropriate tag when you decide to include scat into the story. I have no issue with it being in there for people who enjoy it, but it would nice for those that don't so we can make an informed decision on whether you purchase the product or not. Thanks for all the effort you put in for us and I look forward to see your next tale.
  • Trudy & Max (Canine Secrets, Book 1) on Feb. 10, 2015

    Absolutely fantastic read. It seems like most bestiality authors(especially here) seem to put all the spotlight on nothing but the full intercourse for the whole story. It is very refreshing to see a writer putting more of the focus on bestial blowjobs, and more importantly, swallowing the animal spunk. And to top it off the writing itself was excellent with a lot of great detail. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.
  • Doggy Style Island: The Complete Series on Aug. 08, 2016

    Absolutely wonderful story, it was very engaging from start to finish and each sex scene felt very unique. Personally, I would love to see scenes like the two male dogs(any creature that fits the narrative, really) going at it be a somewhat more common occurence.:)