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Smashwords book reviews by helen turner

  • Dynasty Of Ghosts on July 24, 2012

    Absolutely loved this! I feel like blood raven had a more satisfactory ending but other than that I think I actually preferred this book. It is so hard to find a great book in this genre, this is brilliantly written with all the great sex scenes m/m, non-con you could want but also includes a story with believable characters(sort of)and an interesting plot. I am blown away. I am now busily downloading all her other works! :-)
  • Bloodraven on July 24, 2012

    Amazing! I literally stayed up all night reading this. Excellent story, plot and characters. It was incredibly scary, sexy, suspenseful and sweet too! I have never read a better M/m non con book in my life. As I read quite a bit of slash I am used to a few spell check errors so it didn't bother me at all. If you are a lover of M/m and non con this will be one of the best things you'll ever read.
  • The Winter King on Sep. 21, 2012

    Loved it, love everything she writes! fab story that continues the fascinating magical saga.
  • The Master And His Slave on Sep. 21, 2012

    I loved this book! very sexy scenes, empathetic characters and interesting plot. Thought Lucian and Marcus fell in love rather suddenly, and there are a few other difficult to believe character developments but when the sex scenes are good who cares about the minor details?