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Latest book: Noah's Flood: Worldwide Genocide ... from the God of Love.
Published June 16, 2014. (3.33 from 3 reviews)

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  • Satan, Hitch and Snikwad Face Their Demons on Aug. 31, 2014

    This little gem takes the reader through a quick tour of how biblical scripture evolved from more ancient writings. If, like the Lord Satan, you have never read "the" Bible (for there are various Bibles) from cover to cover, you may be quite surprised. Charmingly and humourously written, it contains a wealth of information. For biblical scholars, much of the information revealed to the Lord Satan by the hobgoblin Hitch will not be new; but for Sunday School Christians, those whose knowledge of Christianity and the Bible comes primarily from their youth and/or Sunday services, it will reveal a number of surprises! I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the series.
  • Creation: Myth, Metaphor & Layers of Historical Allegory on Sep. 01, 2014

    I found the first book in this trilogy entertaining and informative, but it did leave me with many questions. Reading the second book provided me with more information and more questions! I would definitely recommend this trilogy to those who are curious about how the Bible (or Bibles) evolved from earlier civilizations. I can't wait to read the third book! In this second revelation of this humourous yet informative trilogy, Satan and his minions explore the actual biblical documents. We see a great deal more of what is meant by the "Reformation Hypothesis," about how biblical texts were borrowed from earlier cultures and revised to suit the authors. Old stories about the Shaddai and the Elohim remain in the creation myth, both terms being plural (as opposed to the concept of God as an "Old White Man in the Sky"). The influence of the Greek Israelites, with the Divine being a somewhat abstract notion, remains to some extent; however, Yahwist revisionists clearly retold ancient well-loved tales in such a manner that they could be interpreted in various ways due to the many layers worked into the stories. Misogyny and racism (in particular, support of slavery) can be read into the stories of the creation of Eve from Adam's rib, and of Cain's mark (when interpreted as being blackened skin) after murdering his brother Abel. Hitch points out another way of look at these stories, however. (I won't reveal anything more about Satan's revelations to avoid spoiling it for those who want to read it!) Connie Flanagan
  • Noah's Flood: Worldwide Genocide ... from the God of Love on Sep. 08, 2014

    I loved this humorous yet insightful trilogy. In the third volume, Satan continues his study of the Bible(s) along with his minions Hitch and Snickward. Both the Reformation Hypothesis and the concept of Circles of Time are made very clear in this third volume. That each story can represent so much in the Bible(s) gave me a new respect for how intricate the ideas presented by the writers of these stories are! The later Yahwist revisionists of these stories could teach today's advertisers and propagandists a few tricks! Thoroughly enjoyable and filled with interesting facts about how the Bible(s) came to be written and revised, I would highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who has ever been confused by contradictions in the Bible(s) and/or who is interested in a more academic approach to reading the Bible(s)! Connie Flanagan