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Hi - I’m Casey Alden. I’ll tell you right up front that’s not my real name. I wrote my novel, Conspiracy, under a pseudonym for reasons that will become apparent when you read the novel.  Conspiracy is a mystery/thriller with elements of science fiction, which merges fiction with hard facts in a similar vein to Dan Brown’s work in The Da Vinci Code. Why did I write Conspiracy? After doing research on the topics of crowd manipulation, mass control and related areas, I began to see a definite thread which could be traced throughout history. At first, I expected to write a nonfiction work outlining the historical trends of mass control, but as I became more and more fascinated with the topic, uncanny “coincidences” began to make themselves known; so many, in fact, that it was obvious they were not coincidences at all, but connections. About that time, it occurred to me that I might be able to reach a wider audience if I added some entertainment value to the topic, so Conspiracy became a novel. My goal in writing Conspiracy as a work of fiction is to create a public awareness of these connections, which are quite often astounding and terrifying. The Conspiracy series reveals the shadowy underside of the illusion we call “real life.” Many of us have been living  in the fog of illusion for too long. While we are watching TV, playing video games, and being more concerned about celebrities than news broadcasts, someone in the background is forming the thrust of the future.  If we do not pay attention to who is watching the store, we may find out too late that we have been robbed – robbed of our freedom and, perhaps, even of our lives.

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