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  • Crimson Midnight (Crimson Series Book 1) on June 30, 2012

    Urban Fantasy is my favourite genre to read. So after reading the summary, I was really psyched about this book. But sadly, Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy didn't really live to my expectations. To be honest, there wasn't anything wrong in the book. The protagonist, Rose, was awesome. The dialogues and the witty banter were highly entertaining. And the storyline was more or less good. But after reading countless Urban Fantasy books, just 'good' failed to stand out. Nothing about the story was great or exceptional. It was a good book, just not memorable. And there were bits and parts of elements that reminded me of other books, The Fever Series in particular. Even then, the book would have been really enjoyable, if not for the structure. There in, lies my main problem with the book. The author employed a sort of TV show route. In soaps, we see the show from the points of views of minor and major characters. They have their individual story arcs. Sometimes these smaller arcs are linked to the main event, sometimes they aren't. But when it comes to a book, this method, according to me, doesn't work at all. To me, the protagonist is the most important part of the story. I want to know her life, her interactions, what she makes of various events, how they all connect to her. I don't really care about how Damon discovered the first Demon attack, just the fact that he did will do. Or, like, in the second chapter, we switch to the wolves' point off view. Well I don't really know I don't care about them. At least not until they meet Rose. Even then, their perspectives should have been much shorter. Another thing was the time spacing. The author really needs to work on that. Sometimes minute and unneeded events (example: brushing teeth) are shown in excruciating details, and other times weeks go by with major events only being told in flashbacks. It makes the reader continuously have to check to see what timeline it is. Finally comes the character relationships. I really didn't find Rose's relationship with Roman to be exciting. it just failed to hook me in. Sure, their banter was fun that's about it. To be honest the only characters I really liked were Rose and Harold. I know Harold comes off as a bad guy, but despite his faults he is honest, loyal and all in all a good character to read about. So in short, it was a good book, but by no means a great one. Writing still needs a lot of work. The plot, however is interesting. So you should give it a try. you may end up liking it more than I did. P.S. - This is 21st century England! Who on earth names their child Raven or even Roman, especially since they are all big on 'assimilating' into the human society. And we get Damon is big on 1950s, but WHY?! It is not a running joke unless you explain it first.