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Smashwords book reviews by cora

  • Dreamshade on July 09, 2010
    (no rating)
    Haven't finished the book yet. Sorry to say the first few pages I've read did not exactly attract my attention and desire to finish the book. Since it's a for young adults read, maybe teens will have a different view of the book.
  • Amulet on July 11, 2010

    Looking beyond the erotic scenes which were of course very well executed, this is an interesting young adult eye opener about true love and even showed the difference between mere sex and making love.It was enjoyable and well worth the read. Thumbs up for the author!
  • Vampire Tanning on July 11, 2010

    Nice plot combining erotic fiction with the paranormal. Just wished you could have made the story longer. Could be a series in the making?
  • The Touch of Isis on July 11, 2010

    It's a little short and tackles the erotic scenes more (which I believe is what the writer was aiming for). It was executed well despite the shortness.I just wished the author had made the story longer and tackled several more plots and scenes, maybe elaborate more on how the Touch of Isis came about(I'm talking about the feather of course)or something like 'The Mummy' where sequels are made.
  • Erato on July 11, 2010

    A good read. The main character really was able to present his feelings (you might even call it obsession)in the story. It was a good plot however I was looking for something more in the story. I just cannot describe what it is.