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I am 42 years of age, married to my husband Phil Wells, and a mother of four. My children are ages 23, 21, 17 and 3. I am also a step mother to three and a grandmother of two.

I am a qualified Holistic Therapist and as soon as my husband also qualifies as such we will be opening a Holistic Therapy Centre. As part of this business we wanted to offer specific structured packages for certain targeted health conditions. The first of these I looked at creating was one for fertility. Whilst conducting research in this area, I discovered there was no book that incorporated everything I felt was needed in an easy to follow programme.

There are many books on the market regarding ways of increasing your chances of getting pregnant. These books generally contain the information you need, but it can take a while to wade through the irrelevant areas and find it. Even books that offer a three month plan can be quite confusing and heavy going.

I have chosen to write this book, and the others remaining in the series, because I believe I can assist people in finding a better path to health and wellbeing, and give them the opportunity to achieve this through their own actions.

I also feel my approach will provide a whole package for the reader, including a 28 day plan aimed at improving the reader's wellbeing as a whole. This plan is easy to follow and is broken down into guidance and advice for each of the twenty eight days. This course can also be followed in the following books in the series.

I have taken a Holistic approach to the plan, and this will allow almost anyone to follow it with ease, regardless of where you are on your 'baby making' journey. The plan is so simple to use it requires very little effort to tailor it to fit in with each individual's needs, e.g. diabetics, endometriosis, etc.

We already own the website, which is almost ready to go live, along with a Facebook page. We also have a live Twitter feed, all of which will offer followers a free gift if they email their address details, enabling us to build a relevant mailing list. The books will also offer the reader the opportunity to purchase any relevant crystals through the above mentioned website.

With regard to the proposed series of books, the fertility and conception title is complete and the research is complete for a title on weight loss. I have also begun to write this, the next title in the series.

Research is also well under way for a title on panic and anxiety, and due to our clients needs, future titles will include books about Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and diabetes to name a few.

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The 28 Day Plan: A Holistic Guide to Fertility
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 19,370. Language: English. Published: March 24, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Fertility & Conception
this is a book aimed at helping people who are having difficulty conceiving and takes a holistic approach to this. it includes a twenty eight day diet plan as well as a look at the complete lifestyle and incorporates any changes that may be necessary to aid conception. it is not patronising or condescending as many such titles can be, but instead aims to act as a helpful guide on this journey.

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