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Gregory A. McRae was born in Jamaica Queens, New York, and raised in Richmond, Virginia. At age eleven his mother suddenly passed away, due to cancer. Anger and rage made McRae rebellious, to the point where he turned to a life of crime. This deadly lifestyle finally came to an end when the feds caught up with him. McRae is now doing time in the federal prison system in Petersburg, Virginia and is looking at life from a different perspective. He has changed for the better, and it is his positive efforts that will make the difference from a darker past. Corruption is his debut novel.

Robert L. Thompson, aka “Bobby B,” was born in the Bronx, New York, and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, as a teenager. His smooth-operating, confident, fast-spinning style carried into the hip-hop industry. During Thompson’s days as a successful DJ, he fell into the dark world of drug hustling. Years later, with the help of confidential informants, the feds finally closed in on him. Thompson is now serving time in the federal prison system in Petersburg, Virginia. Corruption is his debut novel.

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