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  • The Assassins' Lover on Nov. 07, 2011

    Emma Holly is wicked, wicked good at writing erotic novels. You surely get that in The Assassins Lover. I will warn those of you that are not into m/m/f (which means the men interact together) relationship you should stop now. Because there is a lot of m/m relations in this story. The Assassin’s Lover takes us into a world where what class you are born into determines your future. A chance meeting between Princess Katsu and two of her cousins body guards Hattori & Ciran ends in a summer of the three of them spending every last minute together. Sharing everything!! But after a summer of bliss, does the hardest thing she has ever done she has to walk away from them. 4 years later Hattori and Ciran have been hired to kill a member of the Royal family. They are hired to kill Princess Katsu, the woman that they spent a blissful 3 months with so long ago. I really enjoyed this story. Emma is a wicked good story teller. But at times I was a little confused by some of the terminology she uses. But I think that was mostly due to the fact that this is a new world to me. As I state before there are some WICKED hot sex scene that are m/m/f, m/f and some m/m too. So if that is not your ideal you may not like this story. But if you have ever read an Emma Holly novel you will know how WICKED good she is!
  • Hidden Crimes on July 05, 2012

    Should Cats and dogs fall in love? If you read Hidden Crimes you will know the answer is 100% yes. Nate is a rough and tough wolf who is trying hard to except his place in life and in his pack. But soon he will learn that sometime a challenge is just what a wolf needs. Whether it be in the form of a feisty female Alpha Tiger or his own Alpha, Nate is about to learn just how important he really is. Evina, is the Alpha of her clan. So she has to be tough and being a single mom makes her more then tough. But she has always had a soft spot for the man she calls the Holy Foods Romeo. So when she sees Nate looking a little down curiosity gets the best of this cat. Both Nate & Evina will learn that sometimes playing nice will get you everything that you want. This was a great story. Emma Holly writes really good romance novels. If you have not had the pleasure of reading one of Emma’s books I would very highly recommend you get on it.