Alene Geed


I am addicted to creating jewelry designs! My inspiration comes from so many things. It may be the gemstone I just purchased that fills me up with how beautiful it is. I star imagining how it will best be showcased. Or it may be an image in nature, something I see on another person.. and much more!

The fun is tweaking the design until I feel the energy oozing from the jewelry piece!

I use high contrast, texture and earthtones to create feminine, artsy designs with a Southwestern influence. My pieces are designed to finish off an overall ‘look’ … and draw compliments!

My History

In 1994 I began creating my own pieces. My first designs were the memory wire bracelets. The multiple coils make them so much fun to wear and the design possibilities are endless. (You can find this style under “bracelets”.)

I became a frequent visitor to beadstores and shows, absorbing ideas and design tips from them. This thirst for designing quickly took on a life of its own. In 2007 I took classes in silversmithing and never looked back! the feel of the metal and the endless possibilities when working with silver or copper will keep me inspired for several lifetimes! Each design is a limited edition of ONE. So the jewelry you purchase is truly made just for you!

I work on my creations in my Arizona home, while maintaining my career in marketing. Please feel free to email me at

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