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Smashwords book reviews by Jeffrey McTaggart

  • Against the Wind on July 31, 2011

    I enjoyed this book. Took me awhile to get into it but was glad I stayed with it. The characters were well-drawn and easy to imagine. Aidan Malone's attraction to Kit drove me crazy at times, but what do you expect when he's just a kid? As an adult reader I could see that this kind of attraction would only lead to suffering, but he has to figure that out. The story shows the whole process of attachment and then release from the emotional hold. And I realized after I'd finished the book that the frustration I'd felt was also his frustration. That's effective writing. The descriptions of New York and 'Hollywoodland' in the twenties were vivid and entertaining. One of the other sections I found interesting and realistic was when Aidan rides the rails along the east coast. The author has done her research. It's a good story that has some humorous parts and interesting history.
  • Charlotte Bronte's Thunder on Aug. 06, 2011

    I read Carter's novel Against the Wind and was interested to read her nonfiction. I knew a little about the Brontes, but have to say that after reading this book I now know a lot. Without giving anything away, the shocks just kept coming toward the last third of the book. The anagrams Charlotte left are amazing and I kept wondering how Carter figured them out. The story shows Charlotte's life as being pretty bleak, which is not easy to take, but I'd rather know the truth about this family than continue to trust the myths. You won't be able to read this and keep your old view. Just be prepared for that. Like her novel, this book's been well researched.