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Author of fantasy fiction books, supernatural thrillers and creepy tales; whose occupation behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, for better than 25 years, allowed him to work in many capacities; from Property Master, Art Director and Set Designer to Video Producer. He has produced both works of art, corporate and industrial videos. During those years he also worked as a counselor to troubled teens. His unique insight into blended families and troubled homes has helped children and families to overcome many problems.

“The experiences of my youth were, to say the least, strange and unusual. My mother was torn between two worlds – Christianity and the superstitious culture of the Deep South. It seemed to me that everywhere she went, trouble followed. Not the kind of trouble you would think of in any normal sense. There were constantly disturbing occurrences that were almost always inexplicable. It would be many years before I would realize what had happened to her during her youth—which was a unique blending of Christianity with the superstitious (Voodoo) traditions of the Deep South.

Her odd behaviors made a deep impression on me at a very young age. I distinctly remember, at the age of three, how she was frightened to death of the cellar. How, when I had wandered down there, she lost it. With lightning speed she ran down the stairs, picked me up and turned to run back up the stairs. It was then that I saw in her face something that would stay in my memories for the rest of my life—fear. She scolded me something fierce about not going down there. I remember thinking it must be that thing down there that was hot (the furnace). That would be logical. It was for me, even then, at that early age. But then she said something I didn’t expect. ‘There are things down there—things you can’t see—things that are evil.’

Many years later, after my mother divorced my father, she and my step-father moved the three of us to a small town out west. A curious little community that was less than welcoming to outsiders. And we were the outsiders. What I would learn during those years living there was that this small town had its own dark secrets.

The whole time we were there strange things always happened. I'd walk home at night and frequently would experience someone following me. I'd hear footsteps and I'd turn around to see nothing but an empty sidewalk. There would be strange inexplicable noises coming from the basement in the middle of the night, footsteps in the snow that would stop as if someone had walked there and then disappeared and unwelcome visitors in our house when my mother and stepfather were away on dates. I would later come to believe that my mother, like a moth to light, would somehow live in places where there were always things that went ‘bump’ in the night.

I could go on and on, there were so many. I've started a blog to record several of them, along with some of my personal views on family and on my works of fiction.

After working 25 years behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, I've launched my career writing about one of the genres that comes easiest to me… creepy stories.”

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My name is Kevin Lazarus, and I write creepy stories. My mother was torn between Christianity and the Voodoo culture of the deep South. My mother, step-father and I moved to a small town out west. The whole time we were there, there were always creepy stuff going on -- I'd walk home at night and frequently it sounded like someone was following me. I'd here footsteps following me, I'd turn around and nothing was there. There were so many creepy stories, I've started a blog to record them all.


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