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I'm a writer, artist, book cover designer, interior formatter, and photographer .

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  • The Venus Club (Winner of the Indie Horror Spring Writing contest 2011) on March 06, 2011

    I was thrilled to be one of the first to read it during the contest. The prose is fabulous and the storyline deliciously sinister! People you better grab it while it's free. If you enjoy the likes of Storm Constantine, Poppi Z. Brite, Anne Rice - you'll love the Venus Club!
  • Fifteen on April 27, 2011
    (no rating)
    Good reading, built up of suspense and a quirky, brutal ending. I was a bit thrown off by "tyre" in place of "tire" but that's ok - adds to the quirk. :p
  • Fifteen on April 27, 2011

    Sorry I forgot to add the stars rating
  • Absolom Rex on May 08, 2011

    The premise of this book intrigued me, as a fan of dark fiction AND lover of almost all things pertaining to ancient Rome. As a Christian, I also privately held the notion that Pontius Pilate had a bad rap and was the victim of both Roman politics and religious hypocrisy. This book and the characterization of Pontius shares a similar, and very plausible (imo) viewpoint of Pontius as a human being. The mood of the story starts off seemingly as a historical drama with subtle pretenses into horror. Jesus puts in an appearance, but the biblical reference and political subterfuge do not crowd the tale - the viewpoint is totally Pontius' - it did however, add to great atmosphere when Jesus is crucified. This is when the real portents of doom start to rumble, and it is through the Pontius' wife Claudia; that a sense of menace begins to hover over the reader. In-between this of course, are nice references to what it was like living in such a time period. By Chapter 10 - I was in the story and didn't stop until I finished. I can't say "I couldn't put it down" as I read this on a well formatted e-reader but the writing is good, some I want to quote! " -- as only the mad or the deluded smile when death comes to claim them." Pontius, in this story -finds himself moving from the victim of Roman politics and religion to the victim of a sinister circumstance and THEN we meet another creep. I always found Caligula, in non-fiction lore to be a very distasteful figure in history - Mr. Coones captures that effectively in this story. Those who don't take an inkling to Roman history or religion even, won't be lost as to what's going on ;-) You can be a fan of horror, historical fiction, dark literature - and you'll probably still enjoy the book. I know I did. I read it in 2 hours. One of the few books in my e-reader that I'll get around to reading again in a couple of months - to re-acquaint myself for the next book Coones will have for this character, Absolom Rex.
  • Fifteen on May 08, 2011

    I agree with David. Said ending made me exclaim aloud, "Oh that's effed up!" Good writing! ;-)