The Storm Sisters


Dear Reader,

There's nothing special about us, therefore we are left with the synopsis of simple human beings. Women in the making who wish to share the meandering thoughts of their minds with you. Ones who understand that words are not the product of the author's mind but, that of their mind's creativity. A bit confusing it may seem yet, we are self-taught children who are glad to be so and this, is who we are.

There's everything odd about life, therefore we have the abridgment of fiction. A way for a reader to escape into a world of their own, hopefully undisturbed and with the knowledge to block everything that has been so horrid to them away. Fiction is a way to let out the mind's own thoughts of a subject, not one's own mind's and this is the reason a true author must read their story in the sections they placed because a true one writes without thought and yet thinks, having no recollection of their writing.

We are African-American students, wives and girlfriends to long-time, Viking sized Greek, Australian, and Norwegian boyfriends and husbands. They are our babies and our greatest support along with our families. We have all found the fact that the best time for us to write is when wrapped up in our hubby's arms and when they're doing silly things like spiking our hair up, getting into tickle wars, and teasing us over our heights. We're a likable bunch who is always laughing, addicted to Starbucks triple strawberry Frappuccino, and a good hot steamy interracial romance as it is the genre we choose to write rather it be from humans to paranormal. Stories are a way for us to have something else to do rather than wrestle with a rambunctious one year old amazing little boy and a sexy CFO husband who demands his wife be waiting in their bed when he gets home, a sexily accented southern man who wants his wife to always know he's doing just fine at the construction site as well as, a well-bred Greek hunk who tries to squish as much as possible into his day with his girlfriend, one who likes to kiss him senseless when he walks in from a long day but still has the energy to make love and treat her like the best of gold. We do this for fun while we wrestle with everyday lives and try to make the best of our overworked men.

We can be found easily at and it is one very special author’s account or under the e-mail of on Google. If you want to know about our username and e-mail, ask and we’ll be glad to tell you it’s because of a little hen by the name of Crymsyn Lee Storm has snuck her little self into our hearts and she and her best friend Dragan are who we write for as they request, ‘the unnerving way an adult thinks,’ in reading.

Thank you all for your support,
❀The Storm Sisters❀


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