Smashwords book reviews by cristina1978

  • Something to Believe In on Dec. 31, 2018

    (Review with spoilers) Great book. Touching romance. I loved it. Shortly before finishing high school, Sean had to leave home. His parents rejected him for being gay, and his mother's cruel words still hurt two years later. Without education, without work, he survived on the street with difficulty. One night, in a shelter, his path crossed Gavin's, and their lives changed completely. I loved Sean and Gavin. They would do anything for each other. They both have. They want to protect the other, so he doesn't have to sold himself. They want to save themselves. It hurts that Gavin doesn't believe in himself, that he thinks he's useless. No one believed in him before, until Sean did. They didn't dare to confess their feelings. They feared losing their best friend. They feared that the other didn't correspondiente to their feelings. They hated that other men would touch them, stain them. Their first time was magical. Not only sex, but how they opened up to each other. I loved them together. I loved Sean's grandparents. They were still looking for him. They wanted him with them. And they accepted Gavin, they loved him. As his grandfather says, it doesn't matter who he loves. It matters that that person makes you happy, and they see that they are. I recommend it.