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  • The Ghost Hunter's Daughter on Sep. 13, 2019

    What drew me in for this book was the cover. It was creepy and interesting and I have to say that the book didn’t disappoint at all. This one really reminded me of mashed up episode of Supernatural, The Conjuring, and Mean Girls with Hoarders tossed in for good measure. And I have to say that IT WORKED!! I have have been in the pahanmoral field for over 20 years and I have to say that this author did a very good job with the ghosty demon aspect of this story. I felt like she did justice to those who cleanse objects etc. And I loved every second of it. The characters in this one were great. I loved Anna and really enjoyed that she was just a normal teenager. She had her faults and well she acted her age! How many young adult novels can say that? I know that I have seen some people say that this reads for younger teens and I would have to disagree. Her being 16 in this she sounded just right. I know that my 14 almost 15 year old acts a lot like Anna in some aspects. And over the course of the story she grows and learns that its ok to make mistakes. And its also ok to just let things go. Because in the end no one can make you feel bad unless you let them. Her friends were perfect for this story as well. I do wish we would have gotten a little more romance in this one but I could see that happening in a book two. Her dad although a hoarder was also great. He was understanding for the most part and his new partner was so adorable!! I love her so much!! I think that I would love to see a book two that centers around the house being cleaned up. Her dad going forward with healing after his wife's death. And some romance blooming between some characters. As well as maybe then going on the hunt to start ridding the world of bad spirits etc. Esp. with how this one ended with Anna having a certain connection. Go Into This One Knowing: Bullies, Pedophile (old teacher), Ghosts, Death of a Parent, No Cliffhanger