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Smashwords book reviews by Crystal Tadlock

  • The Legend of the Blue Eyes on June 16, 2013

    Omg!!! This book was sooo amazing that I could NOT put it down! The reading was easy and fluid, I didn't have to stop and re-read. I love the neat new touches the author used in lieu of the same old boring terms for werewolf, vampire, etc. This started out having even me wonder what the heck was going on just as the main character was. I love the explanation of the family and how everything happened. I have been trying to win this book forever and when this opportunity came up I was EXHILARATED! I love the characters relations with each other and just loved the whole feeling of the book. One part that I did become confused on was this character named Thomas at the end. Where did he come from and who is he?? Anyway, lovely writing, great introduction to these new terms. I can NOT WAIT for the next book to come out!!!! B. Kristin McMichael You are a great storyteller and a wonderful weaver of words!
  • Bone Dressing on June 16, 2013

    This book was really hard for me to get through. It was so over filled with all of these odd and random details that were just too much about everything. I kept waiting for Syd, the main character to get arrested by the book police and have to recall all of these unnecessary details. Seriously, I didn't even have a clue about who the main character was at all until I got to page 6 where I kind of glimpse the fact that the character is a girl and then you never can be sure these days. The entire first chapter was basically Syd sitting on a roof watching a fire at the school. WAY too slow and too much that was not needed. Sydney is mean and hateful all of the time and especially to her foster parents who have taken her in and allowed her to live with them for 7 years. She seriously does not have a reason to be this angry anymore. Grief usually subsides a little and you do come to respect those around you that love you. Also, she falls in love with these boys all weird like. Who risks their life to tell someone they love them while a huge cat is after them? Yeah, right. I just think all of Syd's thought processes are too screwed up and too off the wall to make this book into something that I would want to even look at the rest of the 6 other books. Not for me. I think the writer could have been good, really good, but too focused on each and every tidbit of detail and giving the main character a horrible attitude and awkward love life, not to mention the whole other life she had before this one and all of her odd magical capabilities. I will not be looking for the future books in this series.