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Love to read almost anything as long as they aren't boring biographies. I like a good book about someone as long as it's funny. I mostly read romance, paranormal, erotica, and fiction right now. Just an everyday kindof gal who is also full-time student, mother, wife, and friend.

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  • Dating Dr. Notorious (Book 2 of the Never Too Late Series) on July 05, 2011

    This book was great! I read the first one in the series and was pleasantly surprised with how it felt like you were along for the ride due to the authors writing style. Loved it!
  • Dating A Saint (Book 3 of the Never Too Late Series) on July 05, 2011

    This was by far my favorite in the series especially after getting to know the characters so well. The reality of what really was going on with Jim was shocking yet very creative. It also made the story a little sad, but was able to come out in a very good way. I loved all the series, but I thought this book was the best, and since learning about Lauren in the fist book I was hoping she would get her story. It didn't disappoint either.
  • On The Line on July 29, 2011

    Thought this was an amazing story that I may have passed over if a friend hadn't suggested the series to me. Well written even though there was alot happening in the book that needed to be resolved. Loved it, and would suggest friends to read it.
  • Nothing More To Lose on July 29, 2011

    I thought the whole series was great, but this one I was looking forward to from the time Ian was introduced. I wasn't dissapointed either with how the story turned out. It was an amazing read.
  • The Touch on July 29, 2011

    Thought this was a great novella and was glad that a friend suggested it. The price was great as well.
  • Dating A Metro Man (Book 4 of the Never Too Late Series) on Aug. 04, 2011

    Couldn't wait for this book to come out after reading the others in the series. Once reading the first few pages of the book I was hooked. It was a great read that I've re-read a few times. Loved the book, plot, and characters. The author has a way with writing that is perfect for what I'm into.
  • Wish On The Moon on Sep. 01, 2011

    This was the second book I read by this author and wasn't let down at all for a second time. She has a style that seems to put you right there in the story. The writing is amazing, and has interesting plot ideas. Deifintely was a great read.
  • From This Moment On: The Sullivans, Book 2 (Contemporary Romance) on Sep. 02, 2011

    Bella Andre is an amazing writer and this book was another great read from her. I bought it and literally couldn't put it down to the point I read it in one day. I'm certain I will read it again since I emjoyed the characters and plot so much.
  • Playing Dead in Dixie on Sep. 07, 2011

    Loved this book, and was surprised how the plot twisted. The story was great, and each character added something to the story. I couldn't stop reading once I picked it up. I went and got more books from the author after reading this one.
  • A Man Worth Loving on Sep. 24, 2011

    Really enjoyed this particular story since it defintately shows you that some things are possible. Great plot, characters, and writing. I really loved the story, and have suggested it to friends/family to read.
  • Garden of Fantasy on Sep. 24, 2011

    I've found that I really enjoy the authors writing style, and in particular how this story played out. Wasn't able to put the book down once I started it, and have even read the story again a few times.
  • Kit And Kisses on Sep. 24, 2011

    This was a great sneak up on you out of left field romance. Something that you just didn't expect to work, and it managed to work out great. After reading this book I bought several others written by the author, and love her writing.
  • Forever After on Sep. 24, 2011

    Great read with several great twists and turns. Some of what happened you just didn't see coming, and this made the story an even better one. Couldn't put this down once I started it. Was a great romance book that made me believe in happily ever afters.
  • Along Came Love on Oct. 10, 2011

    This was my favorite story out of the series of four since the plot was a real surprise on how things turned out. As usual this was well written by the author, and worth reading at least once.
  • Nick's Baby on Oct. 10, 2011

    I don't generally read this type of book, but loved the story. How the writer laid it all out was great as well with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Made me purchase other books written by the author. Great read!
  • Suspicions of the Heart on Oct. 10, 2011

    I really loved this book from even reading the basic synopsis I was eager to read it. The book itself didn't dissapoint me one bit. In fact I went back and re-read the book a few times. Was a great read!
  • Courting Abby on Oct. 10, 2011

    I really liked all the books in this series, but really liked how each one wasn't the same general story. The idea might be the same if you look at it simply but the plot as a whole wasn't. The book was a great read that was only made better with the plot turns. Would read again and suggest it as a great read.
  • Hannah's Man on Oct. 10, 2011

    I really enjoyed this book on a level I didn't think I would. Just the fact that Rusty was such a noble man, and kept his promises. Along with the fact that you see a side of him you wouldn't expect. Was a great read!
  • Wandering Heart on Oct. 10, 2011

    Was a great change of pace that the "bad boy" can be the right one. Loved the concept of the story, and the fact that the writing took you along for the ride. Suggested this book to a few people, and would suggest to a least a few more. Well worth the reading it. Great story.
  • The Betrayal on Oct. 20, 2011

    Initially wasn't sure I would like this book due to the plot. However, the way it was written it made for a really great story. All the twists and turns were just the tip of it all. You think you know what's happening and then your blindsided by another twist. Was a great read and definitely worth the time and money. I would suggest it to others for sure.
  • A Price Worth Paying on Oct. 20, 2011

    Couldn't believe all that could happen in this book, and it wasn't too much. It all seemed to suite the book just fine. Some of it was really sad but made the story seem that much more worth it. I loved this story and had some reservations about it at first.
  • Michael's Family on Oct. 20, 2011

    Really great story about trajedy, love, and adoption. This story covered some sensitive topics but was written in a way that it all made sense. Was a great love story as well.
  • Serenity House Trilogy on Oct. 20, 2011

    This was a great three book collection that covered a lot of different day to day troubles. It shows you a side of life that many may not know. It makes you feel like you can understand trouble that most wouldn't. It also shows that people who once appear broken can overcome that to be whole again. Great books that I would suggest my friends and family read.
  • Mark of the Wolf on March 25, 2012

    This was a suggested read by a website based on other books I've read. Usually I don't always take those suggestions, and happened to decide what the heck this one time. I'm really glad I did since this turned out to be a great story that I would love to read again, and again.
  • I Never Asked You To Save Me: Book 3 The Wakefield Romance Series on June 24, 2013

    The characters in the serious intrigue me with how strong they have to be, and manage to muster the necessary strength. I read the book without putting it down, and even with the cliffhanger I loved the book. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Great read.