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  • Asteroid Outpost on Jan. 03, 2013

    Prepare for a wild ride when you take on John Bowers' Asteroid Outpost. This tale is a fast paced novel where anarchic high-tech organized crime slams head-on into former Star Marine and hard-charging rookie UF Marshall Nick Walker. Asteroid Outpost is a high intensity who-dunit that grips the reader from beginning to end, with Walker in a self-appointed mission to save the people of the lawless ice-asteroid Ceres from the depredations of the over-whelming crime syndicate. Walker lives by a Star Marine motto: Leave no man behind. In the face of pervasive rapes, murders, kidnappings, bullies, brawlers, religious zealots, official apathy and political corruption, Walker is up against a nearly insurmountable challenge to save the common people. But he refuses to leave anyone behind. Asteroid Outpost a fast-paced yarn featuring the spirit and personal integrity of a hard core Marine, combined with a laser pistol, a .44 Magnum Ru Hawk and the demands of a far-flung rough and tumble mining society.