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  • Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook on Sep. 25, 2011

    Success in relationships, time management, goal setting, overcoming one's fears, developing a life purpose, living in the moment, the importance of yoga... all of these and several more areas of self-help and personal development are covered in Jerry Lopper's Sample Personal Development Plan and Workbook. It's the book's incredible breadth which makes it different to so many personal development manuals. This breadth is probably both the book's most commanding strentgth, and its likeliest weakness. The manual's breadth is good in the sense that it provides a panoramic view of personal development for people wanting to do some work on themselves but aren't sure where to start. Lopper's self-development questionnaire, and clear explanation of the eighteen dvelopment modules, gets the self-help newcomer away to a good start. Tremendous breadth can, however, lead to a loss of depth. For that reason, it's important that anyone doing the work described in any of the modules knows that they can dig much further than the book describes. Although Lopper does reference further reading in some of the modules, I feel that his book would be better were there more of this. Overall, it's a useful, well-written manual for anyone taking their first conscious steps into self-development. It's important, however, that neophytes know that there's a great deal more reading available in each of the chosen modules.